Netflix Now: Festival in Cans Edition


With all the schizoid weather in New York right now, I really wish I was out there in the Riviera covering the Cannes Film Festival. I would wander around half-drunk and half-heat-stroked every day in a summer jacket and hat, watching movies to get out of the sun, giving weak high-fives and terrorist fist jabs to celebrities in crowded elevators, and speaking what little broken French I remember from college in order to woo les belles filles avec mon charme Americain.

Instead, I’m in my apartment wearing mismatched sandals wondering how I’m going to cook red potatoes for a late lunch. I’m also wondering what I may watch on Netflix Instant this weekend (other than Arrested Development, of course, which debuts on May 26th).

Compared to the last two weeks, it’s very light. Dragon (Wu Xia) with Donnie Yen has been added, as has The Dictator with Sasha Baron Cohen and Academy Award-winning thespian Sir Ben Kingsley. You can also watch Asylum’s cheap-o DTV rip-off Jack the Giant Killer, which, in all honesty, probably couldn’t be any better or worse than Bryan Singer’s Jack the Giant Slayer.

Check out the new stuff on Netflix Instant after the cut, and prepare to get a little uncanny.

The Jerk (7/10) Movie CLIP - He Hates These Cans! (1979) HD

New additions to Netflix Watch Instantly apply only to readers in the United States. For those in other parts of the world, your choices may vary.

Weekly Netflix Now Awards

Most Likely to Be Watched First

The Great Magician

Most Likely to Be Rewatched First


Most Likely to Be Watched out of Perverse Curiosity

Jack the Giant Killer

Want to Feel Depressed? Watch This

Leaving Las Vegas

Honorable mention: Jack the Giant Killer

What Youth Is

Wasted on the Young

Mostly Grunts, Bed Springs, Violent Arguments, and Bad Gas

Neighboring Sounds

Honorable mention: Jack the Giant Killer

Easy There, Pal, I Hardly Even Know You

Tonight You’re Mine

Bes – G-G-G-G-GHOST!?

At the Gate of the Ghost

Best Title

Handy Manny

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