Netflix Now: Little Black Dress Edition


The fourth season of Breaking Bad made it to Netflix this week. I was just thinking that I would really like to pick up from where I left off in season two, and Netflix was kind enough to read my mind and give me a gentle reminder that there is still more to come. Yeah, Netflix! Yeah, science!

There’s a movie called Little Black Dress with no apparent plot other than a description of little black dresses. I think it might just be a long advertisement. This week also brings us a fair amount of anime, including Ouran High School Host Club. For those who like trashy TV, we have John and Kate Plus Eight, which I refuse to spell with a number because that’s asinine. Other than that, everything seems to be a two-part miniseries. Seriously, they’re everywhere! Sometimes they diversify and we get a few three- or four-part miniseries, but that’s a rarity.

Hit the jump for science!



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