Netflix Now: Misleading Title Edition


Netflix this week is all about building up expectations and shooting them down again, possibly to collect your inevitable tears in a glass jar for safe-keeping. If you just can’t wait until this Friday, you can fill the void with Kiara the Brave, which is totally the same this as Disney’s Brave, what with the red-headed heroine. The rest of the selections just sound like something they’re not. There’s Reindeerspotting: Escape from Santa Land (about overcoming crippling drug addiction, not holiday cheer), Karz (about a rock star avenging a murder, not animated vehicles), Dick: The Devil Dared Me To (about a stuntman, not a crazy anti-gay religious cult), and Break Ke Baad (a Bollywood movie about teen lovers, not a TV show about meth production).

On the plus side, there are a few selections that look legitimately interesting this week. There’s Rosemary & Thyme, a British show about a retired constable and a plant pathologist who form an old lady detective duo, which just sounds pretty awesome. Since we know that all sequels are great ideas, there’s also a follow-up to my favorite weird Korean movie, Attack the Gas Station 2, which really doesn’t have any reason to exist (but I’m so glad it does). 50s-era Gumby also joins the line-up this week, leading to a definite resurgence in bendable toys and Play-Doh.

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