Netflix Now: Punching and Forbidden Mustache Edition


Work behind the scenes of Flixist last week kept Netflix Now from making an appearance, but about half of the content added to Watch Instantly was TV shows for both weeks, so you weren’t missing as much as you might think. There’s a decent amount of new films, but whether they’re of interest to you is another matter. 2010’s remake of The Karate Kid is something you could watch if you’ve got something against the superior original. A better martial arts option is The Chinese Connection, because — well, it’s Bruce Lee, that’s pretty much all you need. You definitely shouldn’t bother watching Jackie Chan in The Spy Next Door.

On weeks like this, sometimes it’s just better to curl up with a classic film. Perhaps Charlie Chaplin’s The Gold Rush? Or the infamous Triumph of the Will? On second thought, stick with Chaplin. He wears the mustache better.

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