Netflix Now: Riki Ricky Edition


This week actually has a pretty good selection for all you guys and gals at home. For bigger movies, we have Super 8, which I definitely want to revisit after all the mixed reviews. There’s also the fantastic Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky. Read that review and tell me it does not look like the best movie in the world. That’s pretty much required viewing at this point.

There’s a documentary called Dirty Work about three people with very important but undesirable jobs. I haven’t heard of it before, but there’s a guy who collects bull semen for a living on there. Don’t you want to see what that guy looks like? There’s also a movie called Guys and Balls that looks like it could either be a sports movie or a movie about gay dudes, and it happens to be both! Who doesn’t love balls?

TV this week brings us Wilfred, which I’m interested to see because I can only think that Elijah Wood is still a Hobbit in everything he does. I am pretty sure he lives in a little hole in the side of a hill. There’s also Ah! My Goddess, which I know nothing about but the fact that Netflix now has anime I’ve heard of before means that the world is ending, I think.

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