Netflix Now: Softcore Car Accident Edition


If you’re like me and desperately hungering for more foreign TV shows after the new season of BBC’s Sherlock was over far too quickly, Netflix understands. This week’s offerings will fill the void…kind of. There’s a Korean TV drama called Summer Scent about a man who falls in love with a woman who received a heart transplant from his dead ex-wife. It is accompanied by Autumn In My Heart and Winter Sonata, all by the same director and all involving characters dying in car accidents. Write what you know, I guess.

Samantha Membrino will be thrilled to hear that Prom hit Netflix this week. Speaking of prom, you can apparently experience unsatisfying sex all over again with Virtual Voyeur, a late-night Cinemax “classic” that one can’t help but notice is 69 minutes long. Oh, give me a break. Like you aren’t giggling.

Hit the jump, but don’t let Mom see you. She might give you “the talk.”

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