Netflix Now: Stapler Quote Edition


In college, I was in a sitcom class. Each week, we wrote an episode and then performed it for our peers. It was absolutely exhausting and consumed every spare moment of my life, and even though it was super fun and most shows don’t make the same person brainstorm, write, and act, it still convinced me at 17 that television is an industry that causes early grey hair. Why is this relevant? Well, each episode of South Park is created in less time than I had in my class, and now there’s a documentary (with the sensible title The Making of South Park) about the process. I really want to watch that, because it seems like madness. Interestingly, the documentary focuses on an episode I thought was a little dated when it first aired. I’d be more interested in hearing about the one that came out the day after the last presidential elections.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, Office Space, Jingle All the Way, and Blue Hawaii join the line-up this week, as well as the not-quite-as-bad-as-I-thought-it-would-be Mars Needs Moms!. There’s also Parents, a dark comedy about 1950s cannibals that seems like it might have something of a Fido vibe.

Hit the jump for de-aged, motion captured Seth Green!

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