Netflix Now: The Singing Wedding Planner


The Rugrats Movie is on Netflix this week. I went to see that with my friend when we were in the seventh grade, old enough to be in the intended audience but also old enough to realize that we were in the upper limit of the intended audience. A weird old man hit on my friend during the movie, so now I can only associate The Rugrats Movie with pedophiles. Sorry, Rugrats fans. It’s a good thing I don’t analyze Netflix hits.

I keep confusing The Wedding Planner with The Wedding Singer and one has a whole lot less J-Lo. Whatever the feminist intentions of the films, it’s pretty clear which one is the better movie. Well, unless Jennifer Lopez changed a lot in her heyday, and I am horribly uninformed of such personal improvements. Maybe The Wedding Planner is the pinnacle of film, and modern journalists are simply uninformed of her artistic contributions to the world.

Hit the jump for the finest artistic contributions to film in the modern era!

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