Netflix Now: Waterlogged Child Edition


This week brings us what is possibly my favorite genre mixture ever. The story of La Llorona, or the crying woman, may not be terribly well-known to North American audiences. It tells the tale of a woman who drowns her children to please a man she loves, since drowning one’s children immediately elevates one to the status of Hottest Thing Ever. The dude is not impressed, so the woman kills herself, wandering the afterlife looking for the children she murdered in the name of a hot date. Now you can see such a family-friendly tale in the form of an animation! Thanks, La Leyenda de la Llorona!

Similarly horrible, you can now watch fine, upstanding reality shows like Basketball Wives and Teen Mom on Netflix. The particular combination of La Llorona and Teen Mom is pretty much the best thing. On the plus side, there’s also a movie about Stan Lee that could be pretty interesting.

Hit the jump for dead babies!

New additions to Netflix Watch Instantly apply only to readers in the United States. For those in other parts of the world, your choices may vary.