Netflix orders Norm Macdonald talk show


Norm Macdonald, a man who lies in the spectrum between senile grandpa and Kubrickian comedy genius, will be getting his own talk show via Netflix.

10 episodes have been ordered by the streaming behemoth, making this show just one of the 700 titles that Netflix plans to roll out this year. So, it’s probably destined to tumble into obscurity and never get renewed. Enjoy the ten while they last.

The show sounds like it will follow the same path as his YouTube podcast/show thing, which currently seems to have taken all of its episodes down. Hopefully, those episodes make their way back in some form and aren’t lost to time.

Norm Macdonald has a Show will run the setup of single celebrity interviews each episode, and he’ll bring along his co-host, Adam Eget.

I’ve always been a big fan or Norm Macdonald’s work. His effortless ability to demolish any semblance of momentum in joke telling and drag everything down with long looping stories told in such a carefree manner that then wrap around into unexpected jokes shows a true master in the art form. I’ll be happy to watch this and whatever else he decides to do after Netflix execs undoubtedly forget that they paid for his show in the first place.

Norm Macdonald Lands Netflix Talk Show [The Wrap]

Kyle Yadlosky
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