Netflix proudly displays their Package … trailer

The Package | Official Trailer #1 [HD] | Netflix

This actually doesn’t appear to be a remake of the 1989 political thriller starring Gene Hackman (thank Zeus). This is more like Without a Paddle meets American Pie. Camping misadventure meets teen sex comedy. Will it work? It’s 2 girls camping with 3 guys, and anyone who’s enjoyed that hapless scenario is probably already uttering a drawn outweeepeeelllllllll. We’ll see. The trailer offers the potential for laughs, but doesn’t necessarily land hits.

Blockers star Geraldine Viswanathan is present, that helps. Blockers was unexpectedly delightful, after all, and her comedic timing and delivery definitely contributed. But in many regards this trailer feels like a hodgepodge of moments from other comedies. You’ve got your McLovin’ fake ID moment. You’ve got your white knuckler package cutting moment fromThe League. There’s an homage to the cliff jumping scene from Grown-Ups.

Basically, this movie will be proving itself when The Package streams to Netflix on August 10.