Netflix pushes back Season 2 of Final Space, but fans can still meet the writers


More people ought to take a moment to hear about the great wrong Netflix inflicted on many of its subscribers today, announcing the second season of Final Space and immediately changing its mind, sending a highly expectant fandom into chaos.

For those that don’t know what Final Space is, you should. You’re missing out on possibly the most hilarious, most heartfelt sci-fi cartoon comedy ever. Produced by YouTuber Olan Rogers, the series first aired in 2018 on TBS and Netflix. Since then its fans (a not completely insignificant cult following) have desperately been anticipating the news of a second instalment to lead on from the cliffhanger of season 1.

Imagine the curveball when Netflix delivered the news we’d been waiting for in a Tweet, then jumped straight into reverse, saying it’d got the facts wrong. I know they’re not the only ones guilty of ever spreading misinformation, but the fact is they disappointed a whole lot of people and in the words of Gary, well, ‘I just didn’t expect that hurt coin deposit in my sadness savings.’ Yeah, it’s a weird show, but I totally love it so just let me have this one, ok?


Three weeks ago, Olan Rogers took to Reddit to announce he’d “heard two dates mentioned but no confirmation”, adding  “I think I’ll hear very soon.” All that seemed clear at the time was that it would launch on TBS and Netflix International. Rogers later mentioned that “VRV will have it in the states [sic], that [is] if everything doesn’t get sucked in WarnerMedia streaming but all that stuff is way above me.” He also announced a trailer that had made it through post-production (officially announced two weeks ago), and that he’d be at RTX Austin in July, teasing a premiere of the first episode of season 2. That’s definitely worth holding out for.

FINAL SPACE UPDATE 7 from r/FinalSpace

Why am I telling you all this? If it’s not immediately obvious, I need you to understand how invested I am in this show. There’s the Real, Raw Gary (voiced by Rogers himself.) There’s the infinitely huggable Mooncake (catchphrase: CHOOKITY) who’s just the sweetest little planet-destroying creature in the galaxy. Also featured are the talents of David Tennant (as the Lord Commander), Tikka Sumpter (as Quinn Airgone), and a character called Avocato (voiced by Coty Galloway), who literally has the face of a cat. This fantastic bunch of people and the effortless one-liners are the whole package.

Why should you care? Because if it matters to thousands of fans, it matters full stop. The good news is that, at the end of this month, we can definitely expect to see the new trailer, and that later in 2019 we’ll finally get the whole season to boot. Watch this space for further updates.

And by the way, Netflix, to put you right on one more thing today: it’s pronounced DU-DUUM.


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Sian Francis Cox
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