Netflix raises prices, is a bunch of greedy turds


I haven’t had discs on my Netflix plan for well over a year now, and I’m certainly glad I’ve stuck to my digital guns now. Netflix announced today that they will be separating plans for streaming video and disc rentals. In other words, where you once got the basic one disc at a time plan that happened to come with streaming video, now you get a one disc at a time plan and a totally separate plan for unlimited streaming, both priced at $7.99 a month. In essence, if you currently have the $9.99 a month plan for one disc at a time with unlimited streaming, that now is encompassed by two separate plans, for a total of $15.98 a month.

This is just infuriating. If nothing else, I always thought Netflix offered some pretty good content for the price, massive holes in programming and occasionally horribly glitchy audio in streaming notwithstanding, but to jack the price up just under six dollars overnight, especially during a time when people are already struggling to get by on every last penny? It’s just gross. 

[Via Netflix Blog]