Netflix releases teaser and episode titles for Black Mirror season 4


Black Mirror‘s move to Netflix for its third season (or third series, as they say in the UK) didn’t diminish the show’s quality. Charlie Brooker showed off some of his best Twilight Zone-esque dystopian stories, including high points like the likably rated “Nosedive”, the darker than dark “Shut Up and Dance”, and the sandy, sunny romance “San Junipero”.

Black Mirror is coming back for a fourth season on Netflix. Because that’s just what our current, real-life dystopian hellscape needs: stories of other dystopian hellscapes.

Check out the teaser for Black Mirror season 4 below.

Black Mirror | Season 4 Episode Titles | Netflix

One last time in case you didn’t get it, those episode titles are:

  • “Crocodile”
  • “Arkangel”
  • “Hang the DJ”
  • “USS Callister”
  • “Metalhead”
  • “Black Museum”

And hey, one of them (“USS Callister”) is a total Star Trek pastiche.

There is no set release date for Black Mirror season 4, but it will be coming soon. Talk about your favorite Black Mirror episodes in the comments.

Hubert Vigilla
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