Netflix renews Stranger Things for a second season in 2017, watch the teaser


I may be the last Gen-X-cusp-Millenial geek in America who hasn’t seen Stranger Things yet. Now I have an excuse. Netflix’s surprise hit of the summer has been renewed for a second season. The new season will debut in 2017.

As Polygon notes, creators/producers Matt and Ross Duffer are returning for season two, but it’s not yet known if the season one cast will also be returning. But probably. Maybe? There is also no word on if season two will have a goofy, era-appropriate subtitle.

[Insert a pithy, cryptic, and knowing reference to the events of the show here. Yeah, I should just watch it already.] Check out the official teaser trailer below.

Stranger Things 2 | Netflix

Are you excited about a second season of Stranger Things or should they just have the series be a one-and-done? Should I just get it over with and mainline the show tonight? Discuss this in the comments.

[via Polygon]

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