Netflix reverses course, keeps DVDs, cancels Qwikster

[UPDATE: Confirming my speculation, the New York Times reports that Netflix renting video games is still “to be determined,” so it’s probably unlikely we’ll hear much about that for a bit.]

In a tremendously surprising move, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced on Netflix’s blog that the company will no longer be splitting the DVD and streaming services into two separate websites. In Hasting’s own words: “This means no change: one website, one account, one password… in other words, no Qwikster.” Hastings did not mention if Netflix would still begin offering video gamer for rental, the only actual new service Qwikster would have offered, but I have to imagine that it’s something they’re still considering. There was also no mention of Netflix’s recent rise in price, so I’d imagine that’s here to stay as well.

Qwikster’s qwick (LAWL) demise comes as one of the first non-WTF moves Netflix has made over the past few months. It at least shows they are still listening to their customers, many of which have been sounding off angrily over this Qwikster thing since it was announced. Or maybe they just couldn’t get the name from that stoner dude on Twitter. Given their fairly terrible track record of late, and their falling stock prices, I think it’s safe to say we might be seeing some shake-ups in Netflix’s upper management real soon.

[Via Netflix]