Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego doesn’t feature Rockapella


Carmen Sandiego took the computer world by storm in the ’90s but has basically disappeared since. While that sort of lives up to the name of her first title (Where in the World…), it seems like we’ve been long overdue for the return of that fiery thief. Netflix certainly didn’t waste any time capitalizing on that absence and has two projects in the works. One a live-action film and the other an animated series.

We already knew this, though. What we didn’t know is how the show would look in action, but now we have an idea. Think those old Esurance commercials with better voice acting and you’ll get a rough idea of how this animates. I can’t say I’m particularly happy with the look, but I definitely have a fair bit of nostalgia for the original games.

In a strange twist, Carmen is still a thief but is being shaped more like Robin Hood. Instead of simply stealing to fill out her own personal collection, Ms. Sandiego will be taking artifacts from criminals to return them to their rightful owners. The trailer basically mirrors the description on YouTube, with a bunch of characters asking, “What if Carmen Sandiego were a thief who only steals from other thieves?” She’d be a little more boring if you ask me.

We won’t have long to wait for the series to release. It is still on track for a January 18 debut with 20 episodes in tow. I don’t know if it will retain the educational aspect of the original games and show, but having Carmen Sandiego back in our lives can only lead to good things.

Carmen Sandiego | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Carmen Sandiego | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix [Netflix via YouTube]

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