Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop enters production, Ein gets cast

Cowboy Bebop | Behind the Scenes | Netflix

I’m not sure if diehard anime fans are happy about Netflix’s live-action Cowboy Bebop adaptation, but the series has entered full production. In a short featurette, we get confirmation of that news along with a look at one of the cast members. The best member of the crew, the cute little corgi named Ein, is at the Netflix offices and ready to go. HE’S A GOOD BOY!

Thankfully, Netflix got the species correct. In past adaptations, Netflix has changed so much about the show as to remove the cultural identity it originally had. While I don’t believe Ein specifically needs to be a corgi, it certainly would have changed the dynamic if he was a husky. That’s way too big of a change (not to mention the dog would be too big).

I’ll hold final judgment on Cowboy Bebop until I see it, but this little boy gives me hope.

Netflix gives Cowboy Bebop fans hope by casting actual corgi as Ein [Polygon]

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