Netflix’s Marvel shows aren’t going anywhere unless Netflix wants them to


For most of us out there the fate of the Marvel Netflix shows seemed pretty up in the air. After Disney announced their own streaming service, the second seasons failed to attract the massive cultural buzz that the first seasons did, and then Iron Fist was canceled it was easy to begin doubting that the shows would be on Netflix much longer.

Well, Netflix’s Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos, seems a bit tired of people doubting as when asked about the shows he replied both succinctly and bluntly: “Those shows are for us to cancel, and we’re super happy with their performance so far.

Aside from how refreshingly straightforward that response is, it speaks volumes. Evidently, Disney doesn’t have much control over what Netflix does with the shows, which is a big win for Netflix’s lawyers there. It also means that we’ll probably be seeing plenty more of everyone except Iron Fist in the coming years, especially if all the shows are as good as Daredevil’s third season. I’m pretty happy with this news as we have no idea yet the quality of shows Disney’s streaming service will pump out, and for folks not planning to buy both it means you’ll still be able to get the Marvel fix you desire.

Netflix Isn’t Going to Stop Making Marvel TV Shows Anytime Soon [Inverse]

Matthew Razak
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