Netflix’s Point Black looks like the best kind of trashy police thriller

Point Blank | Official Trailer | Netflix

There’s a nice little niche for trashy movies that are fun to watch and Netflix is the perfect place for them. Spend money on them in the theater and you’re pissed off. Watch them on a lazy night on Netflix and you don’t care how dumb a fight in a car wash is. Point Blank is very, very, very clearly that kind of movie.

From this trailer alone we can tell the plot is cliche, the action is decent at best, and the screenplay is so bad it’s good. I mean some of these lines feel like they were taken from a B-grade action flick in the 90s. And I kind of love it. Anthony Mackie and Frank Grillo seem to be doing their best to brood through the whole thing, and as long as the revenge aspect lands satisfyingly (not a given) this could be just the right thing to watch when you don’t want to watch the right thing.

Point Blank, a title that will most likely at some point be said during the movie, will land on Netflix on July 12. 

Matthew Razak
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