Netflix sneaks slasher flick Thriller for a surprise release this Sunday


Not to be outdone by Amazon with Guava Island, Netflix has its own surprise release for this weekend with Thriller, a Blumhouse-produced slasher, dropping onto the streaming giant this Sunday.

The premise is your typical slasher fare with Chauncey Page (Jason Woods) pulling a prank on a bully only to have said bully die, which sends Chauncey to prison. Years later, after Chauncey is released from jail, a mysterious figure starts stalking the now-teenager and his friends. This figure naturally begins picking them off one-by-one in gruesome murders as Homecoming approaches, and the friends need to stop the killing before it’s too late.

Executive produced by RZA, who also acts in and composed music for the film, Thriller brings the slasher genre to modern-day Compton. Netflix released a nice-looking poster to announce the release, which you can view below. I’m always a big fan of painted horror posters and am looking forward to this new spooky way to spend my Sunday night.

Exclusive ‘Thriller’ Poster Teases Netflix’s Surprise Slasher, Which Drops This Sunday [Collider]

Kyle Yadlosky
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