Netflix starts pulling almost as many views as cable


With cable prices rising and the economy not terribly steady, it’s no surprise that Netflix is doing well. What is surprising, however, is that Netflix is almost doing better than its fierce competitor, regular ol’ cable. Regular TV averages a whopping five hours per viewer per day. Netflix instant received over a billion hours of video last month, equivalent of one hour per viewer per day. That is as much Mad Men as I watch in a day, and on the days I skip, as much Buffy as our dear Geoff Henao watches per day. You guys are apparently just as hooked as we are, so I guess we shouldn’t ask you guys what social lives are like since you’re just as clueless.

Honestly, after trying cable for a couple of months, I haven’t noticed a difference other than less readily available access to Adventure Time. Do you think Netflix will continue chipping away at cable’s popularity, or do you think it will make a comeback? What will it take to bring cable back into the public eye?

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