Netflix strikes deal with DreamWorks Animation


In what is being reported as the “first time a major Hollywood content provider has chosen Web streaming over pay TV,” Netflix is finalizing a deal with DreamWorks Animation studio to bring its content to the streaming service in 2013. Netflix will start streaming DreamWorks movies that will be coming out that year, like cave-man themed The Croods, and Peabody & Sherman, featuring the classic Rocky and Bullwinkle characters, and eventually working through the studio’s back-catalog.

DreamWorks currently has a content deal with HBO paid television, but Dreamworks is not going to renew their expiring contract with HBO, opting to go with Netflix instead. DreamWorks cheif Jeffrey Katzenberg has said that the deal is “game-changing,” and “a long-term road map of where the industry is headed.” Speaking as someone who uses far more online streaming services than television, I sure hope he’s right!

[Vie The Hollywood Reporter]