Netflix teams up with Nickelodeon in multi-year deal


In the wake of Disney+ launching with incredible numbers from day one, Netflix could be in serious trouble. So what does the veteran streaming service do now that it has lost Disney? Well, you look to another giant household name in entertainment and that would be Nickelodeon. It was just announced that Netflix has inked a multi- year deal with Nickelodeon for original animated content from its vast vault of characters to air on Netflix exclusively.

Netflix had this to say from its press release :

“Netflix and Nickelodeon today announced that they have formed a new, multi-year output deal to produce original animated feature films and television series – based both on the Nickelodeon library of characters as well as all-new IP – for kids and families around the world.”

This may very well be a band-aid solution to heal the gaping wound left by Disney, but will it help? Can Netflix still compete? We will have to keep an eye on how many drop their Netflix subscriptions for Disney+. The streaming service market is big enough that it should allow for all to profit equally but with more and more players coming on board it’s getting crowded.

Disney+ has not even been out a week yet and hasn’t even released worldwide yet so we can’t accurately say how much damage has been done to Netflix yet. Hopefully, Netflix can continue to survive.

Netflix signs deal with Nickelodeon to compete with Disney+ []

Tarah Bleier
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