Netflix teases Stranger Things 2 with poster & release date


Netflix’s Twitter account teased the return of the smash hit Stranger Things with a vintage-y one sheet. Posters, like all things Stranger Things, are retro AF. Do kids even tack these things to walls these days, or do they just tape up their iPads to the wall or get another tattoo? I have no idea. I’m old. Where is my Stegosaurus? That damned thing is always wandering off.

Stranger things second season poster promises October 27 release date.

One thing is for certain: many businesses should just consider closing down now come October 27. People will call in sick. Or just not call at all. Likely, this country will shut down as we all arrive at Bingetown, population you and your mother. Will you binge season 2 like you did season 1? Do you own a puffy vest or trucker hat? He-Man or Thundercats? Or are you content to listen to the Stranger Things season 1 OST on repeat? Drop us love in the comments and let me know your own nostalgia-driven thoughts.



[via Twitter]