Netflix unveils the cast for The Witcher Season Two


We may not know exactly where Netflix’s The Witcher series is going next season, but we now know who will be a part of it. In a Tweet this morning, the streaming giant unveiled the casting for the second season of its fantasy epic and there’s a certain actor that’s conspicuously absent. Where is Mark Hamill?

While that might initially seem random, fans began speculating that Luke Skywalker would be joining the cast after some of his Tweets went viral. According to internet rumors, Hamill has been offered a role on the show for the future. He’s even expressed interest in joining the cast, though it obviously isn’t happening for the second season.

That’s a bummer, but at least those familiar with the source material will have something to be excited about. I honestly don’t know much about The Witcher other than the little I’ve picked up from covering video games and my coverage of Netflix’s first season. I like that the cast is expanding and not simply sticking to the same core figures, so this could be interesting.

NX on Twitter [Twitter]

Peter Glagowski
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