Netflix will produce new episodes of Charlie Brooker’s anthology series Black Mirror


Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror was given new life when Netflix added it to its streaming library in late 2014. Many a thinkpiece ensued, and pretty much everyone you knew probably asked if you’d seen it at some point or another.

It’s fitting, then, that Netflix will be producing more episodes of Black Mirror in partnership with Brooker and his production company House of Tomorrow. According to Radio Times, Netflix agreed to the deal with Brooker and he is currently writing new scripts.


Get the pig ready.

Black Mirror | Channel 4

Black Mirror, if you’re unfamiliar, is an anthology show that ran in the UK in December 2011 and February 2013. Each episode is a standalone sci-fi/speculative fiction story about the darker aspects of certain kinds of technology. The show has drawn favorable comparisons to The Twilight Zone. If someone says they haven’t even heard of Black Mirror, you can assume that you are speaking to a space alien who may be hostile. Be careful: it’s mutated into human form and there’s no telling what this space fiend may be capable of.

There is no official or unofficial word on how many new episodes will be produced as part of this deal. The current run of Black Mirror consists of two three-episode seasons and a Christmas special. It’s also unclear if the third series of Black Mirror will be exclusive to Netflix or if the program will also run on Channel 4 in the UK, which originally aired Black Mirror.

What’s your favorite episode of Black Mirror? I’m sure we’ll get a lot of “White Bear” and “Fifteen Million Merits” responses, but I really do have a soft spot for “The National Anthem” and the sheer absurdity of its conceit.

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