New Amazing Spider-Man posters


Swinging unnecessarily into theaters next month, the Spider-Man reboot helmed by (500) Days of Summer‘s Marc Webb (people wittier than I have likely acknowledged his name in some capacity) has two new posters out.

One continues the first-person perspective that’s been on display in its (progressively more interesting) trailers, giving viewers a glimpse at what it would be like to stare at Peter Parker’s stunningly toned legs as he slings so far above the Manhattan skyline that he’s likely attached to an airplane and about to be swallowed by its engine.

The second pulls us back out to a traditional camera setting and feeds us the hilariously incorrect tag line: “The untold story begins.” Catchier than “The same story reiterated,” I suppose.

Both show a Manhattan landscape so thoroughly ravaged by a maniacal supervillain mayor that its streets and buildings collude to taunt the Spider-Man with a visage of his film’s logo.

[FirstShowing via ComicBookMovie]