New Death Note Poster looks better than the Show


You remember Death Note, right? No, I’m not talking about the critically-acclaimed anime, or its manga counterpart. I’m talking about the Adam Wingard directed, takes-place-in-the-US-Netflix-original-movie known as Death Note. The last time we were talking about it, a new trailer had just dropped, and this time, it’s because there’s a gorgeous new poster out.

Early this morning, director Adam Wingard had a short exchange with a Netflix PR account called, ‘Ryuk,’ named for the shinigami which follows Light Turner, the protagonist of Death Note, around in both the anime and this upcoming Netflix original. ‘Ryuk’ asked Wingard if he could reveal anything new for the upcoming film, and Wingard tweeted out a new poster featuring Ryuk himself. 



Despite how corny it is to have a real twitter account for a fictional character, at least we’ve got this poster out of it. Ryuk is styled in black and white, with incredible detail put into making his face look demonic and intimidating. The use of negative space brings to mind some of the better illustration in the Berserk manga series, and Ryuk’s back spines look particularly frightening.

Whatever your feelings are towards this new incarnation of Death Note, (probably negative because of that terrible, terrible trailer) all we can do right now is hope that Wingard knows what he’s doing with the material, and can deliver and excellent film when it drops on August 25, 2017. In the meantime, we can gawk at how amazing Ryuk looks in the poster.

[via Twitter]