New Evil Dead and Carrie info creeps up the place


Hope you all had a good Halloween, and in case you’re still feeling the heebies jeebies, here’s some new horror movie remake info that was released the other day. First up is two new images of the Necronomicon from the upcoming Evil Dead remake (that was endorsed by Bruce Campbell) that make me question why the hell anyone would touch the thing. For serious, I don’t care how curious you are, take one look at the skin stitches and tell me you wouldn’t burn the thing. 

Next is a bit of awesome viral marketing from the upcoming Carrie remake’s twitter feed. As a nice way of emphasizing the dark direction that the remake is going in (as evidenced in the trailer), we now have a nice surprise if you call Carrie at 207-404-2604. For serious, call the number because it’s pretty damn cool. Also, there’s an offer to subscribe to more messages if you feel like it too. 

[via Collider]