New images from RE: Retribution are not full of Alice


While Milla Jovovich deservedly gets all of the promotional screen time for Resident Evil: Retribution, the most intriguing idea of the sequel is that previously dead characters (and one awesomely freshtastic Ada Wong) get to show up for some reason *cough great fan service cough cough*. So I’m glad we finally get a better look at some of the teased returning actors for the fifth (FIFTH!!!) Resident Evil flick.

Here are some new, and closer looks at Ada Wong (Bingbing Li), the Resident Evil 5 version of Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory), Rain Ocampo, otherwise known as a random military chick that gets killed in the first film (Michelle Rodriguez), and Carlos Olivera, that other random guy that dies but was popular enough to bring back anyway (Oded Fehr). You can check all of them out in the gallery. 

While I’m positive the new Resident Evil will be utter garbage, it at least has characters that look like their video game counterparts…so that’s probably something. And of course, more Michelle Rodriguez is always a good thing. 

[RE Extreme, via Collider]