New images from Star Trek Into Darkness


The Star Trek Into Darkness hype machine hasn’t let up too much since we got our first look at the poster at the beginning of the month. The first teaser trailer showed up a few days after the poster, a new still popped up a couple days later, and the full trailer showed up a couple days after that.

Now there are more than a dozen new Star Trek Into Darkness images courtesy of Empire Magazine. The Film Stage put up some scans from the latest issue, which features some moody-looking action. There are also some interesting cover scans of the latest Empire, which feature Benedict Cumberbatch’s character, John Harrison, looking really pasty. Maybe he’s some kind of dreamy space vampire who produces lens flare in daylight.

Give the new images a look in the gallery. Star Trek Into Darkness comes out on May 17th.

[Empire via The Film Stage]

Hubert Vigilla
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