New Iron Fist trailer reminds me to watch Luke Cage


I’m really, really behind on my television watching, but if there’s something that’s going to make me catch up it will be wanting to watch the awesome-looking Iron Fist with a complete understanding of what’s going on in the Netflix section of the Marvel Universe. The new trailer for the show promotes him as the “final Defender” so Netflix is clearly hyping up for its team-up show as well.

This trailer probably gives us our best look plot-wise as previous ones were more fight centered. My only problem is that it seems a bit more contrived than the other three shows, though Iron Fist himself is a bit more contrived than any of the other characters. There’s a lot of cliche flowing out of those glowing fists, and it could lead to the weakest of the series considering how well the rest of shows adapted to different genres and feelings. Though, if they play it right, the whole cheesy kung-fu thing could work out.

Marvel's Iron Fist | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Matthew Razak
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