New Mondo Back to the Future & Fantastic Fest 2012 prints


With Austin, TX’s annual all-around indie hoopla Fantastic Fest starting at the end of this month, the Alamo Drafthouse’s poster distribution arm – Mondo – is set to release some fantastic new prints for those who cannot attend. This time we’ve got some real headliners, like Back to the Future and Adventure Time!

The Back to the Future poster is by Mark Englert, it’ll be a 12″x36″ screen print with glow in the dark ink. The print will run you $50. The Adventure Time prints (both regular and variant) are by JJ Harrison. The prints are 24″x36,” with the regular version costing $40 and the variant (pink and blue one) costing $65, presumably because of the inks used. The posters will go on sale at a random time tomorrow, so if you’re interested, keep an eye on Mondo’s twitter, which will announce when they’re available.

You can check out the posters below as well as the official Mondo Fantastic Fest 2012 poster by Mike Saputo.