New pics and soundtrack info for Rian Johnson’s Looper


Rian Johnson’s Looper will be in theaters on September 28th, and a whole bunch of images from the film surfaced online the other day. This includes two pics of Emily Blunt with a shotgun, two pics of Bruce Willis doing a driveby, one pic of Jeff Daniels holding a gun like he’s about to say “pew pew,” and several pics of Joseph Gordon-Levitt being a mensch. This should all help you get your Looper fix for now.

There’s also new info about Nathan Johnson’s soundtrack for Looper. A full tracklist has been revealed, and thankfully none of the song titles are spoilers. The soundtrack will be available digitally on September 18th. There’s also a limited pressing of 3,000 CDs with bonus content, which will be available on September 25th.

Check out the 26 images in the gallery. After the cut is the full tracklist for the Looper soundtrack as well as two short clips from the film.

[Kinopoisk via The Playlist]

Looper Soundtrack – Full Tracklist

1. A Body That Technically Does Not Exist
2. A Day In The Life
3. Closing Your Loop
4. Seth’s Tale
5. Run
6. A Life In a Day
7. Time Machine
8. Hunting The Past
9. Following The Loop
10. Mining For Memories
11. A New Scar
12. Her Face
13. City Sweep
14. Revelations
15. The Rainmaker
16. La Belle Aurore
17. Showdown
18. The Path Was A Circle
19. Everything Comes Around

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