New trailer for Netflix’s The Silence brings the noise

The Silence | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Fine, The Silence is based on a book that was written well before A Quite Place ever came out, but it’s pretty clear what Netflix is going for here. The streamer wants another horror hit after Bird Box did so well, and why not give the people another film that, on the surface, easily resembles A Quiet Place since that worked so well before. I mean, that is very obviously the tactic with this trailer and the film really does veer drastically close to John Krasinki’s movie.

However, you will note some major differences. For one, that is clearly Stanley Tucci, a man who should be, and possible is, in every movie. For another, we’re actually going to be present for the evil things that hunt by sound taking over the world. There’s also a secondary storyline about the real monsters being us, as a cult leader shows up to be all sketchy. See, the daughter in the film has lived her entire life in silence and so she’s specially equipped to survive this nightmare. It all feels a bit like a bunch of recent horror tropes mushed together.

However, John R. Leonetti did an OK job in making Annabelle so the film could be visually appealing for sure. Hopefully it does something a bit more than this trailer gives off.

The Silence lands on Netflix on April 10.

Matthew Razak
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