Newest Justice League photo shows off the team


Did anyone else forget Justice League was coming out this year? I totally did. 2016 was such a weird year, it feels like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released forever ago. But as teased in both BvS, Suicide Squad and most likely Wonder Woman, Justice League is releasing later this year. Which means now the crazy advertising campaign can begin in full.

USA Today provided our first look at the team together and I’m not so sure about what I’m looking at here. I don’t think I’m going to like Ray Fisher’s Cyborg unless they fix more of his look in the coming months. He’s a bit too CG and seems awkward standing next to the others. Granted everyone here looks awkward, and it’s nice to have him front and center, but this still seems a little, well still

I’m probably being a bit too harsh but, after DC/WB’s last two attempts, all of this is warranted. Part of me’s going to geek out seeing all of these heroes on screen, but let’s hope it’s at least a good film. 

Justice League opens November 17th. 

[via USA Today]