Newest Suicide Squad Trailer is trying its best to be different


Remember the MTV Movie Awards? WB/DC sure hopes you did! Capitalizing on that all so precious 18-24 demographic (and most likely younger given MTV) is the newest trailer for Suicide Squad. It’s got a better handle on itself as “Ballroom Blitz” fits the footage much better than “Bohemian Rhapsody” did, but I’m still kind of worried about the overall product. 

I want to believe in David Ayer and the film’s cast and style, but after weird rumblings of WB going back and reshooting the film to add more humor I can’t help but think back to that. Regardless, this is another kind of strong trailer but it’s trying its best to be different than everything else. It’s not a bad thing, for sure, just desperate. 

Suicide Squad releases August 5th. 

Suicide Squad - Blitz Trailer [HD]