No Time to Die Drops New Bond Poster, Confirms Release Date


The first major film to react to the coronavirus wasn’t one of the movies releasing in theaters now but instead the next installment of the James Bond franchise, No Time to Die. The movie was set for April but was pushed to November, triggering a domino effect of movie delays as COVID-19 started bending all time and reality. Then the film went silent, basically.

However, the marketing is ramping back up now and MGM dropped a poster, but more importantly confirmed that they are sticking to the November 20th release date. Many films have pushed to next year but it seems MGM is comfortable with where theater opening is now and will be in November and isn’t budging on the release date. With the likes of Tenet and Mulan establishing international releases and staggered U.S. ones it seems studios are pretty confident in what’s going on.

The next Bond film will carry on from the previous films, bringing back villains and introducing new ones. It’s the most continuity the franchise has ever seen but will also be Craig’s final outing as the spy. Maybe that’s why they put such an awkward photo of him on the poster.

The poster really is pretty crap. To be fair, the marketing team had done an entire damn marketing campaign before No Time to Die was delayed. They’re probably scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of imagery to work with here. We should probably expect a few new trailers in the new ramp-up to the film’s release. Fingers crossed that by the end of November the world is in a better place.

Matthew Razak
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