No Way Home is officially the third Spider-Man film, coming this Christmas


After some shenanigans on the part of Disney and Marvel in teasing the upcoming third Spider-Man film, we have an official title for the web-slinger’s third MCU-sanctioned solo outing. After Homecoming and Far From Home, this year audiences will line up for Spider-Man: No Way Home, confirmed by the film’s official Twitter account.

The third in director Jon Watts’ trilogy of Spidey flicks, the word on No Way Home‘s premise is, well, zilch. We only just got the title, give the team a break! Though were you to poke around in the brief confirmation teaser, perhaps there are some clues to be found…

With Tom Holland back in the suit and Zendaya’s MJ and Jacob Batalon as Ned to back up the latest Peter Parker, the gang’s all here. Nice also is that Watts is able to return as director on the third film, leaving a mark of consistency for what seems to be a clear… Home trilogy. Spider-Man: Home Alone will have to wait, I suppose.

The teaser, beyond revealing the film’s title, slates No Way Home for a Christmas Day release “only in movie theaters,” Disney ever-confident in the state of cinemas amidst the ongoing pandemic. It’s with some optimism that I’m feeding into that date though, with New York City theaters looking to reopen in March, and a gradual rollout of COVID vaccines trickling out to Americans. Is this… hope? Leave it to the heroes in and out of spandex, I suppose.

For more updates on No Way Home and other web-slinging antics, stay tuned.

Source: @SpiderManMovie on Twitter