NYCC: First look at Netflix and Marvel’s Iron Fist… and Punisher


When Marvel announced their series of shows that would eventually lead up to a Defenders show the biggest question mark was definitely Iron Fist. Since then Netflix and Marvel have been pretty open with the other series, but have kept a tight lid on Iron Fist. Until today, of course, where the first trailer debuted at NYCC. 

The panel opened with a trailer that was a mash up of all the previous Netflix series and then a very brief snippet of Iron Fist. We basically just saw him kicking ass a bit and running through some crowds. Also, there was some blood. Of course that was just the beginning. The actual trailer ended the panel. We’ll put it up once it’s live below.

We saw a clip from the show, which wrapped shooting that morning. The clip had Iron Fist/Danny Rand returning to New York after disapperaing when he was 10 years old. He looks like a hippy, but he walks into the Rand building and says he’s here to see Harold Meachum. We’re given an overview of what Rand Enterprises does and then he’s escorted out of the building. Returning he beats up every security guard in what is easily the smoothest fighting style we’ve seen in Marvel. It really stood out as different from Daredevil’s more hard nosed fighting.

Scott Buck, writer and producer, spoke on why he wanted to tackle the show, admitting that he really didn’t want to until he saw Daredeviland how Netflix and Marvel were going to approach things: real and powerful. 

Next we saw a clip of the two Meachum kids interacting with Danny Rand. He comes in shocked that they sent someone after him. The Meachum’s dont’ want him around and that comes as somewhat of a shock to Danny. Danny tells them that he has Hogarth, the lawyer palyed by Carrie-Anne Moss in Jessica Jones. It appears she’ll be making an appearance in Iron Fist

The next clip is a hall way fight, a staple of the Netlix Marvel shows now. It showed off how Iron Fist’s fighting is going to be pretty different from the rest. Plus, Danny did his Iron Fist stance, which was very awesome. It wasn’t quite on the same level as Daredevil’s hallway fight, but man it looked great. Again, a bit smoother fighting style.

The next clip was of Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing in a cage fight. Because we’re just checking all the cliches. Little girl versus two big tough guys to some poiunding techno. She, of course, proceeds to kick the crap out of both guys. A really solid fight sequence, though we’ve come to expect that from the Netflix shows. It was definitely spot on for the character.

Next up was a clip between Danny an Harold Meachum. It is incredibly creepy with David Wenham delivering a super weird monologue. Harold quizzes him on being taken in by some monks and admits that he should be dead. Then Danny says that he’s the sworn enemy of The Hand and he’s the only one who can actually destroy them. It appears Iron Fist is really going to start pulling together the shows a lot more. 

Then, to the surprise of the crowd, Jon Bernthal came out. They announced that the Punisher had just started shooting. Then dropped a bigger bomb: Karen Page will be showing up on The Punisher. She was super connected in Daredevilso it’ll be interesting to see where they pick up from there. 

Finally, in what can only be described as an orgastic climax of nerdiness, all four Defenders came out on stage. And… the Defenders villain was announced as Sigourney Weaver. 

Matthew Razak
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