NYCC: She-Ra and the Princesses of Power interactive experience


She-Ra, as we have previously reported, is back with a whole new look and storyline. Netflix put on a super cool interactive fan experience for She-Ra and the Princesses of Power at New York Comic Con and I got to experience it firsthand. It really gives you a look at the new setting for this new show that is setting itself up to be another hit on Netflix.

If you didn’t feel like waiting in line you could make a reservation by scanning your badge picking a time and coming back. I had a very short wait when I made my reservation and it was worth it. It’s short and sweet but fun. They had it set up into three different photo-op areas with props. 


The first room you are sitting on the throne in the Horde’s lair and they ask you to make your most “diabolical” face. I went with a plotting my evil plan pose. My co-worker Jesse also checked out the exhibit and had a blast as well.

In the second room, you get to attempt to pull out She-Ra’s sword all Excalibur like which was pretty fun, another neat photo op. 

The final room they started handing out She-Ra crowns you get to keep and with Halloween coming up also make a good accessory to any She-Ra costume. You wait your turn and pose in front of a green screen where they ask you to hold She-Ra’s sword this time and pose as either a villain or a hero. The final product is a video with you inserted into it.

The whole exhibit takes about 20 minutes or so get through and fans were loving it and Netflix did a fantastic job. Besides the giant She-Ra statue greeting you as you walk in they also had two figures from the upcoming toy line and they look pretty sweet.

If you were at NYCC feel free to share with us your own thoughts on the exhibit and your overall impressions on the new show. I for one am excited to see this new take on her.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power debuts on Netflix on November 16th and I can’t wait!

Tarah Bleier
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