Octomom to have another baby…WITH SATAN! (or something)


Remember that episode of South Park, the one where Cartman saw something so funny that he ‘blew his funny fuse’ and couldn’t find anything else funny? I fear that has just happened to me.

You see, Nadya Suleman, better known as Octomom, is going to be knocked up by a demon. For real. Suleman will play the lead in a low-budget film called Millennium, where she will play the main character, a woman named Vanessa. Vanessa visits a haunted house with her friend Brad and his date Jessica, but, uh-oh, turns out Jessica is a demon and fills Vanessa with her literal demon seed. I can’t even comprehend…is this real life?

At least, that’s presumably how it happens. According to her manager, making this movie will make her eligible for health benefits from the Screen Actors Guild, cutting her health premiums in half. Normally, I’d chalk this up to tabloid-famous people cashing in, but with fourteen kids to take care of, can you blame her?

Seriously though, I may never laugh again. Where’s Ben Assfleck when you need him?

[Via TMZ]