Oh look, Free Guy was delayed out of 2020


You know the drill by now. Due to the recent spikes in Covid-19 cases across the world, movie theater chains are closing their doors due to a combination of no one wanting to go to the movies during a pandemic, enhanced restrictions, and a lack of interesting and notable releases. Nearly every movie that was originally set to release in 2020 has been delayed out of it, as it should be, but there were a few stragglers clinging on to a December release.

Disney announced earlier that Free Guy, their Ryan Reynolds action-comedy, would slip out of 2020 with no new release date announced at this time. The film was initially slated to come out last summer but was delayed because of course it was. Alongside that, Disney announced that their Kenneth Branaugh directed Death on the Nile was also delayed out of 2020, originally being set for a December 18th release. As of this writing, there are only three significant releases still set for theatrical releases this year; The Croods: A New Age, Wonder Woman 1984and Promising Young Woman. Of note is that Croods will have a shortened theatrical window before appearing on VOD services.

I think at this point we’re all used to these delays. With 2020 almost over, there’s hardly anything left to even get excited about. Most major films have transitioned to a VOD release, most notably Pixar’s Soul which will premiere on Christmas Day on Disney+. Anyone could have seen it coming a mile away. so absolutely no one should be shocked at this outcome. It’s gonna be a long winter and here’s hoping that eventually, things will return back to some normalcy in the new year, but I find that increasingly doubtful. Here’s hoping Free Guy gets a new, realistic, release date soon.

Source: Deadline

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