Orange is the New Black gets a new trailer ahead of final season premiere

Orange Is the New Black | Official Season 7 Trailer | Netflix

Time is almost up for the inmates of Litchfield Country. Netflix has given us another trailer for its upcoming final season of the popular Orange is the New Black and it gives us a glimpse of the material this season will be handling. Main protagonist Piper Chapman will finally be out of jail and living a pedestrian life while trying to reconcile with the life she created behind bars.

Everyone else left behind seems to be going through some kind of personal hell, as per the series MO. I wish I could be more optimistic here, but this looks to be retreading a bunch of ground already done by the series. I figured having some finality would give the writers the freedom to explore brand new ground, but this seventh season appears to be wrapping things up in an expected fashion. I anticipate we’ll see a lot of deaths, a lot of broken promises, and a whole bunch of sex.

Orange is the New Black: The Final Season will air on Netflix starting July 26, 2019.

Orange is the New Black | Official Season 7 Trailer [Netflix via YouTube]

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