OSN signs exclusive deal to stream Disney+ content in the Middle East


In an unprecedented move, Middle Eastern TV/streaming provider OSN has signed an exclusive deal to host Disney+ content on its service. Despite the immense success of the aptly named streaming service in other regions, Disney has no plans to launch the service in the Middle East. For now, it is delegating the duties to OSN.

As The Hollywood Reporter reports, this is the first time Disney+ content will be available through a third-party source. OSN CEO Patrick Tillieux said, “We’re delighted to strengthen our alliance with Disney to bring the magic of Disney’s storytelling to our loyal customers.”Amit Malhorta, Disney’s regional lead for content sales and distribution, added, “Given that we currently do not plan to launch Disney+ as a stand-alone service in the region in the near future, we are pleased to work with OSN to bring Disney+ originals to viewers in the Middle East.”

Customers in OSN’s markets (which include Saudi Arabia, The UAE, Lebanon, and Egypt) will be able to stream shows like The Mandalorian starting April 9, 2020.

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