CBS All Access to be rebranded as Paramount+ in early 2021


In a move to not only capitalized on its rich history of films but potentially grab some of the market shares from Disney+, ViacomCBS has announced it will be rebranding its streaming service CBS All Access to Paramount+ in early 2021. Not much else is changing about the service other than its fancy new logo alongside an expansion into several new series based on classic film franchises.

“Paramount is an iconic and storied brand beloved by consumers all over the world,” Said ViacomCBS CEO Bob Bakish in a press statement, “and it is synonymous with quality, integrity and world-class storytelling. With Paramount+, we’re excited to establish one global streaming brand in the broad-pay segment that will draw on the sheer breadth and depth of the ViacomCBS portfolio to offer an extraordinary collection of content for everyone to enjoy.”

To that end, a new streaming series based on The Godfather will make its debut on Paramount+ sometime next year. The service recently gained access to the film trilogy for streaming (something it is sharing with NBCUniversal’s Peacock) and is looking to utilize that license in as many ways as possible. The Godfather will be joined by new shows based on The Game and Criminal Minds as Paramount+ will be slowly introducing other properties from BET, Comedy Central, MTV, and Nickelodeon.

As we move into the future, watching films online is going to become a lot harder. With each platform carving out fiefdoms of its own to nab more cash from consumers, it really is just a net negative for users across the globe. Long live physical media!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Peter Glagowski
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