Patty Jenkins says that Wonder Woman 3 may be her last


With Wonder Woman 1984 hopefully, maybe, possibly around the corner, fans are eager to see the next installment in Patty Jenkins’ DC classic in the making. The original film was such a breath of fresh air for fans who, at the time, only had the Snyderverse offerings to contend with. They were not all too good, to say the least. Jenkins and star Gal Gadot received a plethora of praise for the film, which actually beat Marvel to the punch at creating a modern superhero movie which was directed by and starred a woman. It was a wonderful moment in pop culture and it seems like  Wonder Woman 1984 can continue that trend. However, all good things can’t last forever.

In a recent interview with the German magazine Geek, Patty Jenkins opened up about the possibility that the inevitable Wonder Woman 3 would most likely be the end of her run with the character. To quote her, “The next one is probably my last Wonder Woman movie, so I have to put everything I want to show there. We have to think carefully.” It seems pretty cut and dry with that statement, so now questions are obviously circling to what she wants to include in the film. She’s already covered Ares and is going to focus on Cheetah and Maxwell Lord in the sequel, so what could possibly close her trilogy?

Personally, I’m a sucker for Brian Azzarello and Clif Chiang’s run with the character, which you should totally read because it’s marvelous, so any mentions to that run would leave me elated. Plus it has Diana fighting against the Greek Pantheon and eventually uniting them against a bastard spawn of Zeus with a Hyena army who gets his flesh seared off. Regardless of which direction Jenkins decides to go with, if 1984 and the inevitable third movie are as good as the original, we just have another trilogy of wonderful superhero movies to rival Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy for superhero supremacy.

Source: /Film

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