Point Break reboot in the making. Yes, really.


Okay, Warner Bros. This is getting out of control. First you have your sights on Beetlejuice, and while that makes me scared for my childhood favorite, at least that kind of makes sense. Beetlejuice was not just a popular movie, but really innovative, and there is the potential to do a lot more with it. Point Break is just kind of ridiculous. A remake alone would be one thing (and equally unnecessary in my eyes), but a reboot? I don’t think people went to see Point Break for the intricate character details.

Apparently, the movie focuses on “international extreme sports” because surfing alone is way too 90s, maaaan. Sounds like they wanted to make a stand-alone action movie but figured giving a callback to something as popular as Point Break would just bring in more money. Production company Alcon Entertainment has also secured the gaming and TV rights, so I’m sure we get to look forward to a very well-made Point Break game.

[Via Deadline]