Quentin Tarantino likes crappy movies


Art is a truly amazing thing. I’m not just saying that because I’m an artist either. I think it’s amazing because all art starts with inspiration. The things artists create are made possible by the books they read and the movies they watch… So, would you believe that one of Quentin Tarantino’s favorite films of 2011 was Green Lantern? Yup. This is what’s pushing Django Unchained along. Yeah. One of the biggest crap piles of 2011 is food for the creative juices flowing through one of the most prolific directors of our time. Not only that, but he ranked it above Drive, denouncing it as a “nice try” movie.

I’m actually sort of relieved and intrigued, firstly because it proves that not all cinematic geniuses have to like movies like Citizen Kane or Kurosowa films. It’s also interesting to see what people like may not always be reflected in the work that they do. I think Green Lantern must be escapist entertainment for Tarantino, much as movies like Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey are escapist entertainment for me when I’m not writing super serious graphic novel stuff. I could see how one might be upset in general, since Drive definitely had more redeeming cinematic value than Green Lantern… but I think it’s an opposites game for artists in terms of inspiration. Least dats hows I sees it.

[Via IGN]